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In no time, she's snipped and stretched four different layers of cloth, cast batting and varying degrees of stretchy material in a figure-eight pattern to create his fresh compression wrap.
The Life Solutions catalog carries a variety of magnet therapy products, ranging from magnetic insoles, to massage products with magnetic inserts and magnetic compression wrap systems.
A fourth, T-shape product, the Cryo-Max Professional Series, is specifically designed for the shoulders and the cervical area on the neck, and it also can be used as a compression wrap on the knees and feet.
We'll put a compression wrap on him and see how he's doing (today),'' Tracy said.
According to a spokeswoman, muscles are free to expand and contract because of TearTape's flexibility, and the tape can be used for padding and cold packs as a compression wrap or fixation bandage.
It can also be used as a compression wrap or fixation bandage for cold packs, making it versatile and economical, according to the company.