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Conservative management techniques often prove effective and the lingual compression wrap technique may prove successful in cases where other techniques have failed.
It can be wrapped around firearms to reduce signatures, and can also be used as a compression wrap in emergencies.
Patients leave the doctor's office with only a Band-Aid or compression wrap over the biopsy site and can typically resume normal daily activity following the procedure.
The Life Solutions catalog carries a variety of magnet therapy products, ranging from magnetic insoles, to massage products with magnetic inserts and magnetic compression wrap systems.
A fourth, T-shape product, the Cryo-Max Professional Series, is specifically designed for the shoulders and the cervical area on the neck, and it also can be used as a compression wrap on the knees and feet.
She indicated that first she applied a hydrogel, then an absorbent dressing, then a secondary dressing, followed by a four-layer compression wrap! I remember thinking that her center must be losing revenue because only two of the products were eligible for insurance billing and reimbursement and the rest was coming out of the cost of the patient's visit.
According to a spokeswoman, muscles are free to expand and contract because of TearTape's flexibility, and the tape can be used for padding and cold packs as a compression wrap or fixation bandage.