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Wyrick and Borchers (1981) noted the stress forces present with such relief can cause compressional and extensional fractures and faults to extend out into the adjacent rock mass.
2005) reported that the compressional force employed in the tableting process greatly influences the hardness, disintegration time and average primary particle size of compressed tablets.
3 g/cc and its compressional wave velocity is 8, not 7 km/s.
The Gurun Basin was affected by the extensional tectonic regime changed to a compressional regime during Late Miocene.
The boy survived overnight, but died the next day of compressional asphyxiation.
However, the location is very near or within the marginal zone of the Haanja-Petseri branch of cupola-type anticlinal structures, which belong to the regional Liepaja-Riga-Pskov system of Late Caledonian compressional dislocations (Indans 1962; Kaplan & Hasanovitch 1969; Puura & Vaher 1997).
Mountains may be formed when two continents riding on this oceanic 'conveyor belt' collide, or more generally when the stress field changes at a plate boundary such that it becomes compressional.
New phenomena include the compressional Alfven eigenmode, driven by energetic ions with velocities ~ 4 times the Alfven speed.
When a person bends over during weight training, that is probably putting a lot of compressional weight on the lower back, and many people won't be able to tolerate that.
And the floating sculptures of artist Kenneth Snelson, where the structural members are divided into either compressional or tensional members that counteract to form a stable, pre-stressed structure.
Are the folds related to karsting and collapse of underlying caverns or an episode of compressional tectonism?