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1996) identified stress fields associated with three distinct brittle compressional events.
The undulations are not necessarily compressional features, but such an interpretation is supported by small fractures on the tops of the fold crests and small ridges in the bottoms of the troughs.
The Iapetus Ocean may have disappeared by 400 million years ago, followed by several pulses of compressional tectonics that culminated with continental collision between North America and Africa, producing a mountain range whose remnants are the Appalachians in North America and the Mauritanides in Africa.
The geophysical precursors reported before an earthquake include changes in the seismic compressional wave velocity, in the local gravity field, in electrical resistivity of the crust, and in the water level in wells.
Regional strain rates for Anatolia indicate variations in the principal compressional and extensional strain axes from east to west, following the pattern of the counter-clockwise rotation of the Anatolian plate.
The alternation of extensional and compressional events imprinted in the La Paya Formation and in the plutons (granite and trondhjemite) of the Cachi Formation could be explained in this way and related to the Famatinian subduction along the western margin of Gondwana in Ordovician times.
The topography of GB region in northern Pakistan is complex, compressional and strike slip tectonic deformation zone.
The observed (diurnal) differences DL range in millimetres reflect extensional and compressional deformations acting over the area where also the degassing locations of Bublak and U Mostku exist (Fig.
1974), "Digital location of seismic events by an underground network of seismometers using the arrival times of compressional waves", Rock Mechanics, 6, 141-166.
The uniaxial compressive strength is calculated from bulk density, shear and compressional sonic velocities and gamma ray data.
In addition, to correlate the frictional properties with other related mechanical properties and the microstructure characteristics, as well as with the investigated process parameters, the shear stiffness, the bending stiffness, and compressional resilience of the different nonwoven fabrics were also measured using the corresponding Kawabata (KES) testers [33].
Nevertheless, the research papers included in this volume exemplify most of the basic tectonic settings, including extensional, intraplate, and compressional.