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At breakfast, his wife ate sullenly, refusing to be drawn into the conversation, but by a wise compression of her lips and a flicker of amusement in her eyes, which seemed to say: "Oh, if only you could see how absurd you appear," she contrived very cleverly to render Martin miserably self-conscious.
The compression from the surrounding loose sand, acting while the tube was still softened from the effects of the intense heat, has evidently caused the creases or furrows.
Thackeray's great fault is prolixity; he sometimes wanders on through rather uninspired page after page where the reader longs for severe compression.
I knew by the contraction of her brow, the tight compression of her lips, and wringing of her hands, that meantime a violent conflict between reason and passion was silently passing within.
She had checked them by a visible compression of the lips and some display of an emotion determined to be eloquently silent.
Georgiana, as if the supplication were being squeezed out of her by powerful compression.
The fat boy, who had been effectually roused by the compression of a portion of his leg between the finger and thumb of Mr.
But Dinah walked as simply as if she were going to market, and seemed as unconscious of her outward appearance as a little boy: there was no blush, no tremulousness, which said, "I know you think me a pretty woman, too young to preach"; no casting up or down of the eyelids, no compression of the lips, no attitude of the arms that said, "But you must think of me as a saint.
She seemed to him so felicitous a product of nature and circumstance that his invention, musing on future combinations, was constantly catching its breath with the fear of stumbling into some brutal compression or mutilation of her beautiful personal harmony.
It shows the combinations of physical relaxation and thermal expansion effects over a range of compressions and thermal exposure that bring the sample back to its original condition with its initial dimensions at no load.
Titleist makes so many different types of balls and so many compressions, it gets confusing not only to the average golfer but to the professional,'' said Dave Waldmann, assistant pro at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pa.
between 80 to 110 compressions per minute) and the proper depth (i.