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LEADTOOLS DATA Compression Toolkit is a trademark of LEAD Technologies Inc.
LEAD, long known for its image compression and image processing expertise, allows programmers a choice of optimized industry standard compression techniques such as JPEG and CCITT G3/G4, and its acclaimed proprietary CMP compression technology.
Sorenson Video 3 delivers twice the compression speed as Sorenson Video 2 and up to three times the speed when using Variable Bit Rate (VBR) compression," said Jim Sorenson Jr.
Sorenson Video 3 Professional Edition includes support for two-pass VBR compression, support for a binary alpha channel, automatic scene change detection, compression time packetization for error resiliency to packet loss, and chroma-key segmentation compression.
develops advanced compression and encryption software helping organizations gain competitive advantage by improving productivity and dramatically reducing costs associated with storing, distributing, viewing, and securing digital information.
Dana Edelson, reported that a modest increase in the depth of chest compressions doubled the chance of defibrillation success, which is associated with more patients leaving the hospital alive.
This special electrode set, known as the CPR-D--padz(TM), includes a sensor that measures the rate and depth of chest compressions.
Top-Flite, the industry's largest seller of balls, will offer eight models this year - or almost three times that many if you count the full array of compressions and trajectories.
A visual representation of all compressions in terms of depth and rate; and
In the compression set test, one measures the amount of the unrecovered strain of a sample after it has been compressed a certain amount, and exposed to a particular aging condition.
Besides, volumetric compression testing is extremely important for modeling confined rubber products (such as bushing, void-volume seals, crimped hoses, etc.