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The increase of OPA content beyond 25% clearly had a negative impact on compressive strength, water absorption and porosity of foamed concrete.
The standard compressive SHPB apparatus was used for the present studies [36-39], The main parts of the compressive SHPB apparatus are: propelling mechanism, striker bar, incident bar, transmitter bar and support stand.
It was concluded that the significant variables relating to the type of soil and having a significant influence on the differences in the compressive strength values obtained for soil-binder mixtures include the gravel fraction (%), sand fraction (%) and silt fraction (%).
The maximum compressive strength was obtained at 30% level of OPC replacement by DS (46 MPa).
While describing bed joints, contact zone with the masonry unit is modelled as binding surface, stiffness of which is presumed to be such that layer of masonry units and concrete would transfer compressive stresses appropriately.
We showed that compressive forces behind the knee cap were reduced in the majority of cases and this was independent of running speed.
Fig 2 shows the images of Wide Angle X-Ray Diffraction (WAXD) analysis of the compressive PVAH.
It turned out that the subjects who experienced improvement in their economy were more likely to have a favourable attitude toward compressive wear and believed that by wearing the compressive garment their racing would improve.
The density distribution associated to the compressive strength variable is of uniform type
The effect of acid on the specimen was regularly monitored through compressive strength tests during exposure to the acid solution A Digital compression testing machine was employed to determine the compressive strength of the specimen at regular intervals.
Novellus has developed a suite of 32nm dielectric films which significantly reduce the transmission of UV radiation to the critical copper-dielectric interface, maintaining a compressive stress in this region and hence device reliability.