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The contact stiffness parameter KCON was set to a default value '0', as the compression stress-strain curves that are fed to Fu-Chang Foam material model contain sufficient extrapolated data points in the densification regime to avoid element inversion at high compressive strains.
and showed a general upward trend in the range from 10[degrees] varus to 10[degrees] valgus, while the peak compressive strain at ROI 2 did not change obviously [Figure 5] and [Figure 6].
The piezoresistivity at failure for 1 percent NanoFe was over 2,800 times higher than the compressive strain at failure for the 0.
6 mm/s) produced the lowest mean value of ultimate compressive strain and compression parallel-to-grain (Table 6).
Results of GPS measurements point to compressive strain in the axial part of the CESZ southwest of Wroclaw (benchmarks ZAKR, 000C) along W-E direction, and in the Opole Depression (benchmarks SGRO, GRAB) along NNW-SSE direction.
The regression equation for ultimate axial compressive strain was modelled upon the one proposed by Fardis and Khalili (1981).
Compressive strain, in which those interatomic distances are shortened, produces essentially the opposite effects.
As expected, load area increases with compressive strain.
The Type-14 Flanged Diaphragm Valves feature improved body-to-bonnet sealing performance, visual position indication, weir design for excellent throttling capabilities and built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening and eliminate compressive strain.
la), the resin in a prepreg is virtually solid and no compressive strain occurs.
As shown in the figure, when the compressive strain increases, the graphite nodules are flattened and elongated in the transverse direction.