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The piezoresistivity at failure for 1 percent NanoFe was about 3,500 times higher than the compressive strain at failure for the 0.
80[degrees]C to 85[degrees]C) produced the lowest mean value of ultimate compressive strain (Fig.
Ying, "Stabilization and Compressive Strain Effect of AuCu Core on Pt Shell for Oxygen Reduction Reaction," Energy and Environmental Science, (2012) DOI:10.
Using this local effect--known as uniaxial strain--engineers can impose either tensile or compressive strain on both N-type and P-type transistors on the same chip.
As evidenced by these plots, the natural rubber compound shows an increase in dynamic shear stiffness at higher compressive strains, possibly the result of strain crystallization.
Comparison of compressive stress versus compressive strain plots under quasi-static and high strain rate loading for A5, A2 and A0 is presented in Fig.
This unique mechanism of action provides a uniform compressive strain, or stress-shield around a closed scar, which can minimize collagen proliferation and formation of scar tissue.
The effective shear depth, based on Khuntia's equation (Khuntia, Stojadinovic 2001), is obtained using the depth of neutral axis and the compressive strain in concrete.
2 Regression Equation for Ultimate Compressive Strain
After softening with heat and moisture, some species can withstand up to 40 percent compressive strain, but only 1 to 2 percent tensile strain (Wangaard 1952).
5 MPa (1,088 psi) is reached at only about 2%, compressive strain.
Unfortunately, says Pearsall, this compressive strain on the germanium causes the indirect band gap to be the lowest-energy feature.