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To embrace, cover, or include; to confine within; to consist of.

In the law governing patents—grants of an exclusive right or privilege to make, use, or sell an invention or product for a term of years—the term comprise indicates inclusion rather than limitation. When a patent claim states that a particular product is comprised of certain elements, this means that other elements may also be present.

As used in the devise of land, comprise means to contain or embrace. A plot of land may be comprised of a certain number of acres.

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It is comprised of an aqueous continuous phase of one or more polyhydroxy acid lactones; one or more aliphatic di- or tricarboxylic acids; and of glyoxylic acid or a salt or hydrate thereof.
The number of mortalities among the Omanis comprised 83.7% of the total deaths in the Sultanate, including 4,061 males, comprising 59.4% while the expatriates' mortalities comprised 16.3% of the total deaths in the Sultanate.
The number of mortalities among the Omanis comprised 83.7 per cent of the total deaths in the Sultanate, including 4,061 males, comprising 59.4 per cent while the expatriates' mortalities comprised 16.3 per cent of the total deaths in the Sultanate.
10:15 Armenian Agreement Bloc comprised of Deputies Jean Oghassapian, Seboh Kalbakian, and Serge Ter Sarkissian.
* $3,800,000 for 4 one-story retail buildings comprised of 13,345 s/f, located on Sutphin Boulevard in Queens.
It is comprised of calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc and a quinoa extract.
14:00 Future Bloc comprised of Deputies Saad Hariri, Ahmed Fatfat, Bassem Shab, Badr Wannous, Bahia Hariri, Jamal Jarrah, Amine Wehbe, Khaled Zahraman, Khaled Daher, Fouad Siniora, Ziad Qadiri, Samir Jisr, Atef Majdalani, Ammar Houri, Nohad Mashnouq, Hadi Hbeish, Mohammad Kabbani, Riad Rahhal, Farid Makkary, Mouin Merehbi, Nabil De Freij, Nidal Tohme, Nicolas Ghisn, Ghazi Youssef, Kazem Kheir, Khodr Habib, Mohammad Kabbara, Oqab Saqr, and Assem Araji.
* $14.25 million acquisition of a 224,000-square-foot industrial complex, comprised of 12 interconnected, multistory buildings, in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.
10,004,676 B2; Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp., New Brunswick, NJ, has patented a toothpaste that is comprised of black seed oil, zinc oxide, zinc citrate, an abrasive material and a humectant.
The number of passengers on Shannah - Masirah route comprised 33% of the total of passengers while the number of the transported vehicles comprised 35% of the total of vehicles in 2015.
Key statement: A tire comprising a reinforcing structure of the carcass type and comprising under the tread strip a crown rein forcing structure comprised of at least one layer of reinforcing elements.
has been granted a patent for an adhesive comprised of (a) a 2-cyanoacrylate; and (b) from 1 to 400 parts by weight, based on 100 parts by weight of the 2-cyanoacrylate, of a cyanoacrylate comprised of two or more 2-cyanoacryloyl groups, wherein the cyanoacrylate (b) is an ester obtained by reacting 2-cyanoacrylic acid with a polyoxyallsylene polyol, a polyester polyol, a polycarbonate polyol, a polybuta-diene polyol, a hydrogenated polybutadiene polyol, a polyisoprene polyol, or a hydrogenated polyisoprene polyol, and wherein the number average molecular weight of the cyanoacrylate (b) is in the range from 1,000 to 50,000.