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To embrace, cover, or include; to confine within; to consist of.

In the law governing patents—grants of an exclusive right or privilege to make, use, or sell an invention or product for a term of years—the term comprise indicates inclusion rather than limitation. When a patent claim states that a particular product is comprised of certain elements, this means that other elements may also be present.

As used in the devise of land, comprise means to contain or embrace. A plot of land may be comprised of a certain number of acres.

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"compose, comprise, constitute Compose means to create or put together.
Certain business activities, if they comprise the taxpayer's principal business activity, will preclude the taxpayer from using the new rules.
Comments: The Star QS Series comprises quickset sheetfed free flow, medium gel and heavy gel.
The hard fact is that all minorities, including blacks, comprise less than 3% of the $758 billion franchise industry.
The hydrolyzed algae extract comprises exopolysaccharides from Halymenia durvillei, and the saccharide isomerate comprises an exopolysaccharide synthesized by Vibrio alginolyticus.
The Forth bench comprises of Justice Ejaz Saeed and Justice Qazi Faiz Essa while fifth bench comprises of Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah headed by Justice Bashir Alam.
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) has patented pharmaceutical compositions that comprise a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and either a therapeutically effective amount of an ECM-binding fragment of Ang-1 protein that comprises specified sequences or a homologous peptide thereof and pharmaceutical compositions that comprise a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and a vector comprising a nucleic acid molecule that comprises the nucleotide sequence that encodes an ECM-binding fragment of Ang-1 protein that comprises specified sequences or a homologous peptide thereof are disclosed.
In Westchester, The Travelers' Mount Kisco Corporate Park comprises 210,000 square feet of first class office space in three buildings.
10,028,895 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has patented a method for preparing an emulsion, that comprises preparing an O/W dispersion comprising at least one cationic surface active adsorbed to the oil-water interface such that oil droplets have a cationic surface; preparing a solution comprising at least one dissolved silicate salt; adjusting the pH of the solution with the one dissolved silicate salt to a range of 6.0 to about 9.0 to create anionic complexes; mixing the O/W dispersion and the solution such that the anionic complexes are attracted to the cationic surface of the oil droplets, resulting in encapsulated oil droplets.
The tire further comprises as a tread rubber, a rubber composition comprising (A) a rubber component comprising a conjugate diene base rubber, (B) a filler comprising 10 mass % or more of a white filler based on the whole fillers and (C) a partial ester compound of maleic anhydride and a (poly)oxypropylene derivative.
Micromet AG (Munich, Germany) has patented a (poly)peptide construct consisting of at least two domains of at least two pluralities of domains wherein one of said domains or pluralities of domains comprises a de-immunized autoreactive antigen or (a) fragment(s) thereof specifically recognized by the Ig receptors of an autoreactive B-cells and wherein a/the further domain or plurality of domains comprises an effector molecule capable of interacting with and/or of activating NK-cells, T-cells, macrophages, monocytes and/or granulocytes.