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It appeared that 2018's compliance requirements were little more man a way for bigger companies to shift accountability away from themselves and onto their subcontractors, absolving themselves from any degree of real accountability to an industry managing enough compromisable CUI that could arguably present a national security concern.
were compromisable, the merchant could not refuse to accept NFC payments
By so doing, he made the uncompromisable compromisable. Lincoln, by insisting that the moral condemnation of slavery had to be the basis of all public policy concerning it, was held to be a herald of unreason, of passion, and of war.
Expressing the belief that it was more important that "the business of the taxpayer be preserved and not destroyed," Acting Secretary Acheson suggested that cases should be "compromisable wherever justice, equity, or public policy seems to justify the compromise." (40) Both the opinion issued by the Attorney General in response and subsequent regulations seem as if they were sources for the limitation of the authority to compromise to situations involving doubt as to liability or collectability.
"The number of non-negotiables is limited -- and the rest is compromisable," pointed out Dr Afridi.
We also assume that all the sensor nodes are compromisable if there are no security mechanisms protecting them.
(25.) Because the founders of modern Turkey were very doubtful about compromisable of Islam and modern Western values and system.
He was interested not only in how compromisable systems might be located, but also in broader issues such as the discovery of information that was intended to be kept private.
But, Grassley added, "I told you that abortion is about the only issue I know of that's not compromisable."
Another approach invokes property doctrines that require the entire community to have access to certain resources--a project David Cruz initiated by arguing that marriage is a unique expressive resource (though he ultimately rests his argument on the doctrinally less compromisable claims of the First Amendment).
We may discern in contemporary masculinity studies a general confluence of positional and developmental notions of crisis, where masculinity is reasoned to be compromisable by collapse of exclusive structures of entitlement ("positions"), as well as constituting a psychogenetic conundrum that is specifically gendered and gendering.
In case the legislative, the executive, or the judicial branch were to be derailed from its mission, they created the Bill of Rights (the first ten Amendments to the Constitution) which was described by Thomas Jefferson as "the rights the people have against every government on earth." These non- compromisable rights included: the right of citizens to free expression, to self-defense, to protection of property, and to fair trial.