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The number of non-negotiables is limited -- and the rest is compromisable," pointed out Dr Afridi.
Because the founders of modern Turkey were very doubtful about compromisable of Islam and modern Western values and system.
He was interested not only in how compromisable systems might be located, but also in broader issues such as the discovery of information that was intended to be kept private.
But, Grassley added, "I told you that abortion is about the only issue I know of that's not compromisable.
We may discern in contemporary masculinity studies a general confluence of positional and developmental notions of crisis, where masculinity is reasoned to be compromisable by collapse of exclusive structures of entitlement ("positions"), as well as constituting a psychogenetic conundrum that is specifically gendered and gendering.
When an antipolitical mood sweeps the country, even compromisable issues on a more-or-less dimension will be transformed into noncompromisable valence issues susceptible only to a "yes" or "no" determination, in which there is only one "right" answer.