compromise agreement

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The provincial government's answer is no," said Chatto in his firm reply to local government officials, residents of Barangay Candabong in Anda town and national agency representatives when asked for a compromise agreement on the quarry operations.
A compromise agreement means that one side can not get everything.
A joint compromise agreement with NVOCCs DSV Air & Sea Inc.
The agreement must be published in newspapers and anyone objecting to the compromise agreement must contact the court before the next hearing,' ordered the court on Friday.
Recently, documents of the supposed draft compromise agreement with the Marcos family surfaced on social media.
MANILA, Philippines Social media giant Facebook has apologized for briefly taking down a post containing details of a proposed compromise agreement between the government and the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
One of the proposals in Lozano's draft was the creation of a legal team that would study a compromise agreement with the Marcoses.
to enter into a compromise agreement with the Duterte administration involving their alleged ill-gotten wealth.
EU leaders agreed in December to pursue a compromise agreement on how to reform the EU's asylum system by June.
That compromise agreement would allow the playmaker to focus on the Reds until the end of the season, and then switch to La Liga.
A compromise agreement is a style of contract where an employee agrees they will not make a claim against their employer in return for cash and an agreement to drop any legal action and not to talk publicly about the issue.
Any compromise agreement shall be valid and binding only upon court approval.