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The answer is this: in a CS what is compromised is what ought to be done, setting aside the fact that a compromise is actually needed.
They know how to stay under the radar, how to test compromised cards effectively and they share that information with each other.
then 6,000 persons would potentially have their therapy and outcome compromised, rather than the 1 person that Cox would have us believe.
But what's this business of using the word compromised in reference to a horse's prospect in a race?
Just as critical to Fallaw's diagnosis of the aspirations and failures of cardenismo in Yucatan is his exploration of the ways Cardenas and his supporters progressively compromised their own ideals and programs.
While many unions are still steadfastly opposed to approval of the Agreement as it has been negotiated, the AFL-CIO seems to have backed off its previous insistence that the pact be renegotiated to insure that labor and environmental standards are not compromised.
Women, labor, and conservation have always been compromised, " said an aging hippie with large breasts hanging untethered beneath her turtleneck.
When the IRS accepts an offer, the taxpayer receives the benefit of resolving tax liabilities for a compromised amount.
90-7 says "liabilities compromised by confirmed plans should be stated at present values of amounts to be paid, determined at appropriate current interest rates" (emphasis added).