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Furthermore, we rarely use a compromised computer to engage the adversary.
Most network users have had the experience of receiving e-mail with a colleague's address as the sender, but which was in reality a forgery sent to the address directory in the e-mail program of a compromised computer.
Otherwise, the compromised computer may be used to attack other machines on your network or elsewhere on the Internet.
The vulnerability would allow an attacker to gain full access to a compromised computer and execute malicious code to steal secret information and perform other illegal actions.
bot and Spy-bot, and said in one case the hard drive of the compromised computer was erased remotely before the IT department could investigate.
is intended to be delivered onto a compromised computer system by other malware for subsequent download into Mozilla Firefox's Plugin folder.
When installed on a PC, Spybot opens a back door in the system and connects to an Internet Relay Chat server to let the remote attacker control the compromised computer.
The explicit photos also turned out to be malicious programs and among them was the Andromeda backdoor that allows cybercriminals to secretly control a compromised computer.
AC@mm) and is a mass-mailing worm that gathers email addresses from the compromised computer.
Hackers use rootkit technology to maintain access to a compromised computer without the user's knowledge.