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PERSONALITY. An abstract of personal; as, the action is in the personalty, that is, it is brought against a person for a personal duty which he owes. It also signifies what belongs to the person; as, personal property.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Obsessive compulsive personality disorder as a predictor of exposure and ritual prevention outcome for obsessive compulsive disorder.
Despite Sibel's vivacious charm, her compulsive personality fails to dissolve her husband's cold indifference.
The potential clinical manifestations of this over-activity might be a vague restlessness, tension or exaggerated drive, all of which the person seeks to organize and modulate, even sublimate, by compulsive personality traits.
Despite portraying Ellsworth as chronically lonely and at times unhappy, Pool wisely avoids making his analysis into the psychological probe of a compulsive personality. That is, he leaves us room to admire things the "late bloomer" accomplished through physical training and determination, and to ponder the naivete with which Ellsworth dabbled in the volatile claims by nation-states exploring Antarctica in the 1930s.
I have a compulsive personality and gambling is a symptom of that illness.
Obsessive compulsive personality: Theoretical and clinical perspectives and research findings.
Indeed, the rigid, compulsive personality style noted among anorexic adolescents (Bruch, 1973; Crisp, 1967; Strober, 1981) may explain the lack of difficulties in these areas.