compulsorily acquire

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Given the scale of the acceptance, Qube is now exercising its rights to compulsorily acquire the remaining shares.
With 99.6% acceptances received, the Company is now proceeding to compulsorily acquire the holdings of the two non-accepting shareholders.
The foundation also wants the court to determine whether by the provision of sections 43 and 44 of the 1999 Constitution and sections 28, 29 and 51 of the Land Use Act of 1978, the FG is permitted by law to compulsorily acquire land from other ethnic groups of the indigenous people of Nigeria held in trust for them by their respective governors in the states.
The judge said that the government had, in the 1970s, sought to compulsorily acquire portions of land from the original owners.
In order to facilitate the upgrade, expansion or construction of new transport infrastructure, the relevant authorities may be required to compulsorily acquire land owned by a third party that is located in the proposed transport corridor.
Should the offer be completed, Bounty has indicated it intends to compulsorily acquire the remaining shares," Jackson said.
The Joint Offerors have no rights under the laws of the PRC and the Articles of Association of the Company to compulsorily acquire the H Shares that are not tendered for acceptance pursuant to the Offer.
In light of the above, Hansteen will commence, on or after 23 June 2017, the procedures available to it under section 154 of the Isle of Man Companies Act 1931 to compulsorily acquire those IMPT Shares which it does not already hold or has not already acquired, contracted to acquire or in respect of which it has not already received valid acceptances.
Rum Jungle Resources intends to proceed to compulsorily acquire all of the outstanding shares in Central Australian Phosphate in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), as foreshadowed in its Bidder's Statement relating to the Offer.
The gap between the ideal and the application of the DRIP is significant: the Northern Territory intervention, the continuing federal push for a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty in Central Australia, the lack of constitutional recognition, the unchecked loss of languages, cavalier threats to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal land for development projects and the continuing tragedy of incarceration and deaths in custody are often cited as just some of the indicators of the distance we have yet to travel.
There is no sign of this happening and just a few weeks ago the Zimbabwean Government announced its intention to compulsorily acquire 50 per cent of the Impala Platinum companies mining claims in the country.
In the event that NTT acquires in excess of 90% of Dimension Data shares, the company said that it intends to compulsorily acquire the remaining shares in accordance with the provisions of the UK Companies Act 2006 and the South African Companies Act.