compulsory acquisition

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As a consequence of the compulsory acquisition, the Offeror will pursue a delisting of the shares in the Company from Oslo Stock Exchange.
Within five business days of announcement of the compulsory acquisition by Beach, Impress shares will be suspended from quotation and will no longer be tradeable on ASX.
Rainy River shareholders who have not delivered their share certificate(s) and properly completed letter of transmittal to Computershare Trust Company of Canada at the office specified in the Notice of Compulsory Acquisition dated August 12, 2013 must do so in order to receive the cash and New Gold shares to which they are entitled.
The Board recommends that shareholders, who have not already accepted the Offer, apply for compulsory acquisition by Cyrun.
85 per share, converted into Australian dollars using the exchange rate mechanism set out in the compulsory acquisition notice) if your address in the Rinker register of shareholders is in Australia; or
ASIC today also released Report 350 Response to submissions on CP 193 Takeovers, compulsory acquisitions and substantial holdings: Update to ASIC guidance.
SMIT Shareholders wishing to receive their New MLIT Shares sooner than would be the case if such persons await the completion of the compulsory acquisition procedure are recommended to accept the Basic Offer, which closes at 1.
16 June 2010 Recommended offer by Manchester & London Investment Trust PLC ("MLIT") to acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Stakeholders' Momentum Investment Trust PLC ("SMIT") Posting of compulsory acquisition notices and Offer update
Dreco intends to exercise its statutory rights of compulsory acquisition under the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) to acquire the remaining Shares that were not deposited to the Offer.
Given the Offer has been accepted by holders of more than 90 per cent of Common Shares, the Offeror has exercised its right to acquire the remaining Common Shares pursuant to the compulsory acquisition provisions of the Business Corporations Act (Alberta), as described in the Offer.
BUK is entitled to and will commence the compulsory acquisition process on or around 21 April 2010 to acquire the Tusker shares that were not tendered into the takeover offer (the "Compulsory Acquisition").
Having reached shareholder acceptance of 90 percent of shares of 42 BELOW Limited under its takeover offer, Bacardi intends to begin compulsory acquisition of the shares for which it does not receive acceptances by December 15, 2006.