compulsory payment

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The insurance, Which provides for the performance, Must contain clauses on the compulsory payment of the insurance indemnity on the claimant~s written claim.
This law also covers debts that have not been paid after a court decision on compulsory payment.
From nine specific funding options, single top choice was the social insurance model - a separate, compulsory payment, calculated as a percentage of income, paid by everyone from age 40 onwards - while a combination of National Insurance and an earmarked addition to income tax had the backing of an assembly majority.
THE Federal Government has reintroduced the compulsory payment of N5,000.00 by every student of the 104 Federal Government Colleges, otherwise known as Unity Schools, for a comprehensive insurance cover for both parents and students.
It was also proposed to allow carryover of capital losses for up to three years, reintroduce the concept of holding companies tax structure for inter-corporate dividends to avoid double taxation and reduce the advance tax rate from 0.02 per cent to 0.01pc on stock exchange transactions, restoration of group taxation regime, abolition of compulsory payment of dividend on 20pc of the corporate profit earned and waiver of brokerage withholding advance tax.
The compulsory payment of 85% of foreign reveres into the French Treasury; are 2).
That is the price of renewing their annual subscription early, compulsory payment for a movie package and paying for coverage of the football tournament.
Some of these steps include better accommodation, better healthcare, intensified inspection campaigns of labour camps and work sites, compulsory payment of salaries through banks and the proposed amendments to the Labour Law, including major changes to the sponsorship (kafala) system.
I would donate a further 1% if this was made a compulsory payment embracing every adult on this planet.

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