compulsory payment

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The insurance, Which provides for the performance, Must contain clauses on the compulsory payment of the insurance indemnity on the claimant~s written claim.
That is the price of renewing their annual subscription early, compulsory payment for a movie package and paying for coverage of the football tournament.
Some of these steps include better accommodation, better healthcare, intensified inspection campaigns of labour camps and work sites, compulsory payment of salaries through banks and the proposed amendments to the Labour Law, including major changes to the sponsorship (kafala) system.
I would donate a further 1% if this was made a compulsory payment embracing every adult on this planet.
We even offer our customers assistance in calculating Zakat payments, which is an annual compulsory payment made to a charity.
We are paying compulsory payment abroad of ` 16 crore and committed payment here in India is ` 20 crore.
They include pensioners making an upfront compulsory payment, or a voluntary insurance scheme or some form of partnership payment through a private firm.
Mr Cameron has insisted that the compulsory payment idea should be dropped before they join the discussions.
IT WAS interesting to read of Government plans to introduce a compulsory payment of pounds 20,000 to meet the costs of a care home, irrespective of whether or not one was needed.
The options are: The state paying up to a third of the cost, a voluntary insurance scheme and a compulsory payment of up to pounds 20,000, paid in installments.

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