compulsory service

See: bondage
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A division over a military conscription bill that affects exemptions from compulsory service for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men appears to have triggered the decision to call for the elections.
Setting aside the hostility in certain quarters to the very idea of compulsory service to the State (nondebatable, as constitutionally mandated), or the resistance of some to the whole idea of recognizing the legitimacy of our Armed Forces and its mission of national defense, the debate about reintroducing ROTC seems based on the wrong assumptions from the start.
In fact, many of my friends in Scandinavia look forward to sending their sons to the compulsory service. The biggest argument against it is the expense of training thousands when they could be starting higher education or a career.
Since the implementation in 1998 of the community service (CS) programme for 12 months of compulsory service for health professionals up to and including 2014, a total of 17 413 doctors of ~44 000 CS health professionals completed their year of service in public health facilities in South Africa (SA).
The compulsory service of doctors in rural health facilities has been implemented since 1980s.
Compulsory service charges on meal bills - We're fairly used to this on our own dining bills, but always check if the service charge has been included, and if it has, you shouldn't need to leave a tip.
The ministry also said the compulsory service will be much more helpful for foreigners as those who were not covered by the public insurance had trouble receiving medical services when needed.
On top of that, his eldest son, Shams Al Deen, who had dodged his compulsory service in the Syrian army, has six months to formally enlist.
Graduation brought a year of compulsory service in the Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC).
Food and drink prices during flights were found to be the biggest gripe in the survey, followed by excursion costs, transport charges, compulsory service charges added to meal bills, charges for cash withdrawals abroad and the prices of meals and drinks in restaurants and bars.
More than one-in-five were frustrated by how much it cost to get around in taxis and on buses, while a further 20% thought that compulsory service charges added to restaurant bills were a 'rip-off'.