compulsory service

See: bondage
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Ardalan said, "Boys have the issue of military service [which prevents those who have not completed their compulsory service from traveling abroad].
The Republican Guard, Coastal Shield Brigade, is accepting those who desire recruitment contract for two years, or permanent, and required for reserve and compulsory service.
However, that does not mean that a period of compulsory service, outside the military, would not be useful and rewarding to those called to serve.
It said some 150 regime fighters were killed in the campaign, although rebel groups have claimed double that number of fatalities, and said the "overwhelming majority" were inexperienced troops who had been snapped up for their compulsory service in recent months.
Riffa Views managing director Yasser Alraiee previously told the GDN that the main reason payment had been delayed was tenants not paying compulsory service charges.
But eventually, the supply of voluntary manpower was not enough, and in March 1916, the government was forced to bring in compulsory service.
Salaries, allowances, promotions, allowances and other privileges should be given to those enrolled in the compulsory service.
I learnt to cook while doing my compulsory service in the Taiwanese army," reminiscences Dr Nouruddin Y.
Any recruit who wishes to go on to serve the Armed Forces or other security entities after concluding his compulsory service, will be welcomed," explained al-Attiyah.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Health Ministry proposed, on Wednesday, to reduce to only one year the compulsory service for specialist physicians in public hospitals in the inland regions.
I learned Afrikaans and marched in cadet army uniform on rugby fields every week in preparation for two years' compulsory service in the South African Defence Force in Angola and Namibia, but returned to Scotland after refusing to serve in that apartheid army.
Known in military slang as a "disko," the kind of military prison where Kantar was tortured has long been a source of terror for conscripts who must serve up to 15 months of compulsory service in Turkey's military.