compulsory service

See: bondage
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Food and drink prices during flights were found to be the biggest gripe in the survey, followed by excursion costs, transport charges, compulsory service charges added to meal bills, charges for cash withdrawals abroad and the prices of meals and drinks in restaurants and bars.
Speaking from Paphos' boot camp (KEN) after this year's II Esso recruits began their national service, he said this was the second year since Cabinet had cut compulsory service from 24 months to 14.
More than one-in-five were frustrated by how much it cost to get around in taxis and on buses, while a further 20% thought that compulsory service charges added to restaurant bills were a 'rip-off'.
Last week, in pursuance of this campaign, the former defense minister appeared before 1,000 18-year olds about to join the army for three years of compulsory service.
According to his colleagues and friends, Major Jawwad accepted the extension after completing his compulsory service, since he wanted to serve the country in a war zone, a dream of every soldier.
Only asatidz rendering compulsory service for at least four hours a day from Monday to Friday, or 20 hours a week, will be entitled to a monthly compensation and allowances, according to the DepEd order.
He has been serving in the military since May last year as a part of the country's compulsory service.
Ardalan said, "Boys have the issue of military service [which prevents those who have not completed their compulsory service from traveling abroad].
The Republican Guard, Coastal Shield Brigade, is accepting those who desire recruitment contract for two years, or permanent, and required for reserve and compulsory service.
It said some 150 regime fighters were killed in the campaign, although rebel groups have claimed double that number of fatalities, and said the "overwhelming majority" were inexperienced troops who had been snapped up for their compulsory service in recent months.
Riffa Views managing director Yasser Alraiee previously told the GDN that the main reason payment had been delayed was tenants not paying compulsory service charges.
Salaries, allowances, promotions, allowances and other privileges should be given to those enrolled in the compulsory service.