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There is a large set of empirical literature that uses economy wide, multi-sectoral computable general equilibrium models (CGE), gravity models, game theories models and others used in the assessment of the economic and social impacts of FTAs.
2n+1] by some commonly used computable cones, such as [S.
P' Where [alpha] is a bound - output} is computable.
An indexing is admissible if there exists a computable function m : N x N [right arrow] N such that [g.
Based on the logic of what was in the machine, Turing showed that any computable function could be calculated," Kahn said.
N](r) are computable constants depending on r, and we set N = M - 1.
Routledge advances in experimental and computable economics; no.
However, for the scientist, it now has computable data bases to assist in their respective disciplines.
The system, called a computational knowledge engine, is the brainchild of London-born physicist Dr Stephen Wolfram and aims "to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone".
The long-term goal of Wolfram Alpha is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.
Empire STAMP" is a computable general equilibrium model that uses thousands of statistical variables to estimate the impact of tax rate changes on revenues and employment.
Un equipo de la Universidad de la Sabana, en su articulo "Modelo de equilibrio general computable para la produccion de azucar y bioetanol en Colombia", presenta un analisis economico del impacto de la produccion de bioetanol en la economia del pais a partir de cana de azucar, a traves de la utilizacion de las matrices de insumo producto, de coeficientes y contabilidad social en un Modelo de Equilibrio General Computable.