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Based on the logic of what was in the machine, Turing showed that any computable function could be calculated," Kahn said.
Teams of subject-matter experts and researchers collect and curate data, transforming it into computable forms that can be understood and operated on by computer algorithms.
hsbSOFT just released hsbCAD with an interface to the Autodesk Revit platform for building information modeling (BIM), which provides coordinated, consistent and computable information.
The English mathematician, Alan Turing, laid the foundations of the modern computer with his scientific paper, 'On Computable Numbers', when he was just twenty-two years old.
Nothing in Searle's biological naturalism or in Hawkins' account of intelligence requires that our capacity for consciousness couldn't be computable and thus a property of a machine, once we understand the functions of the neural processes subserving consciousness.
For curvilinear applications, a curve-fitting program written in Mathcad produces an easily computable angle or distance against known insertion.
For hourly wage employees, this is computable by simply multiplying the hourly wage times 1.
The importance of the class of computable (= recursive) functions is well known, both to mathematicians and to computer scientists.
An efficiently computable metric for comparing polygonal shapes.
For example, a recent computable general equilibrium (CGE) model with endogenous technological progress shows that alternative combinations of a carbon tax and R&D subsidies (including subsidies specific to energy efficiency R&D) can have a greater or lesser effect on conventionally measured GDP, depending on the existing degree of inefficiency in R&D markets (Schneider and Goulder, 1997; Goulder and Schneider, forthcoming).
In the last part, Anderlini considers players' computational ability and reviews the literature on the theory of games where players are able to handle those tasks which are computable within Church's thesis, and finally; the last chapter considers potential contributions of AI to macro econometric modelling.
The Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) is an IT industry leadership group comprised of IT executives from the Global 2000, system integrators, outsourced service providers, and software technology vendors committed to introduce a computable metrics standard for measuring software quality and size.