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Application component multi-partitioning algorithm is the core in parallel computation offloading.
Specifically, the new computation and allocation rules will be applied retroactively to tax years ending after Dec.
This is made possible by Diamond's self-tuning capabilities that insulate applications from hardware upgrades and enable the system to dynamically adapt to changes in network and computation resources.
Context The activity lasted for one and a half hours and consisted of three parts: (1) reviewing students' computation errors, (2) sharing past school experiences and (3) developing responses.
Bernard inquired whether dividends paid by a foreign sales corporation (FSC) will be included in the computation of the base-period dividend amounts.
For depository institutions that report quarterly, the low reserve tranche adjustment and the reserve requirement exemption amount adjustment will apply to the seven-day reserve computation period that begins Tuesday, December 21, 2004, and the corresponding seven-day reserve maintenance period that begins Thursday, January 20, 2005.
The modified field expressions are used for numerical near-field computations of the diffraction profiles and transmission coefficients of circular apertures and slits.
Quantum Computation is a very new field of science.
Indeed, the computation items on the IGAP are often asked in the context of a word problem.
Another report criticizing the skills of high school students has been released, this one saying that 17-year-olds' computation skills have markedly declined in the last decade.
Editorial for the title includes information on: quantum computation and the design of physical implementations; quantum communication, including cryptographic and communication protocols, and teleportation; and, quantum information theory, including probability theory.

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