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This geometrical and biophysical problem can be computationally solved, but requires large computational resources," he added.
Symmetric key cryptography is used to encrypt each packet instead of public key cryptography because it is considerably less computationally intensive.
Without computers of this class, AEDC would not be able to meet the computationally intensive test and evaluation requirements needed to support our customers.
Many topics in linear algebra are simple, yet computationally intensive, and computer algebra systems such as Mathematica are essential not only for learning to apply the concepts to computationally challenging problems, but also for visualizing many of the geometric aspects within this field of study.
One of the biggest advantages Itanium 2 processors give computationally intensive applications is a bigger addressable space that results in faster calculations, which is critical to users running demanding engineering applications such as MSC.
This will make the study of metal deposition into submicron features far more straightforward, both analytically and computationally.
But when you include all of those details in the model, it becomes too complicated computationally.
In many cases the applications are computationally simple and in others accuracy is forfeited for getting adequate solutions in a reasonable amount of time.

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