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Thus, this study was undertaken to scrutinize the patterns of student interaction and to examine the coconstruction of knowledge taking place in computer conferencing systems.
This study attempted to determine whether and how peer interaction through scaffolded asynchronous computer conferencing aided teachers as they conducted course-related individual action research projects.
In the past, research on computer conferencing has focused on comparing online dialog with face-to-face interaction (Murphy, Drabier, & Epps, 1998), its impact on higher order thinking (Fabro & Garrison, 1998), or learners' perceptions of online learning (Broady-Ortmann, 2002; Leonard & Guha, 2001; Kim, Williams & Dattilo, 2002; Bronack, Kilbane, Herbert, & McNergney, 1999).
Computer conferencing ("Blackboard," "First Class," Web CT), E-mail, and the World-Wide Web are available for faculty and students.
Members of these three groups, led by their company CEO, unanimously refused to conduct any part of their group discussions through the computer conferencing system.
Bowman and Will (1994) point out that of the mediums currently in use telephone and computer conferencing show the most promise for cooperation.
1991), Guidelines for Conducting Instructional Discussions on a Computer Conference, paper presented at the International Symposium on Computer Conferencing, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
No use of computer conferencing comments for job appraisals (with objective standards to be used instead.
says, "While most forms of group discussion become unwieldy if more than eight to 10 people are included, computer conferencing can handle 10 to 30 people with little difficulty, and there is no reason why more participants could not be accommodated.
The weekend per month has been replaced by five or six longer residential periods on campus, with various methods of contact during the longer home study period, such as computer conferencing and telephone classrooms.
Computer conferencing includes such features as bulletin board, personal notepad and management reports that can be written by more than one person working from more than one location.

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