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The profile of a computer criminal bears little resemblance to that of a violent criminal; in fact, it differs little - if at all - from that of the general public.
Computer professionals are grappling not only with issues of free speech and civil liberties but also with how to educate the public and the media to the difference between on-line computer experimenters (whom they call hackers') and computer criminals (whom they refer to as crackers.') Critics also point out that, while computer networks and the resultant electronic 'information commons' are a relatively new phenomenon, they are protected by the same laws and freedoms as any real-world domain.
The following are among the landmarks in computer crime and serve as important reminders of how no level of organization and no type of organization is immune to computer criminal activities.
The computer criminal was traced through painstaking work af ter the girl went missing from home.
The computer criminal bypassed the phone company's security measures, gaining access to more than 3,000 accounts.
Lecture Topics: Why I'm Not a Computer Criminal; Conscience in Computing; Computer Ethics Workshop
Groups, such as the United Nations, the 08, the Council of Europe, the OECD, and Interpol, each have delineated confidentiality, integrity, and availability offenses as forming the minimum basis of proscribed computer criminal behavior.
A gunman and his weapon must be physically present at the teller's window to rob the bank, but a computer criminal may be thousands of miles away from the computer that is attacked.
At times he seemed in awe of the activities of the computer criminal and at other times he seemed skeptical of the ability of law enforcement to handle these types of investigations.
Computer criminals are discovering that ransomware is the most effective way to make money in the shortest amount of time.
The telecom provider offered to let customers exit from their contracts if they could prove that money had been taken from their bank accounts by computer criminals responsible for the attack.
The kill chain concept has been adopted to describe the attack and exploitation process used by computer criminals.