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The Genix Group provides computer operations, telecommunications, electronic printing and mailing and applications management services to more than 100 companies nationwide, 15 of which are on the Fortune 500 list.
Parrish and other officials of both organizations will break down an interior wall of the old building, which will become the new home of the district's consolidated computer operations.
Technological features include nine-foot ceiling heights to accommodate raised computer flooring and floor loads adequate to withstand computer operations.
While different than past recoveries that have involved primarily mainframe computer operations, Comdisco believes this type of people-intensive recovery is likely to become the norm in the future.
Occupying the entire block between 26th and 27th Streets from 11th to 12th Avenues, the Starrett Lehigh Building, the first industrial facility built with cantilevered construction in New York City, is today home to virtually every type of warehousing, light industrial and back office tenancy, although its primary targets continue to be large secondary office users and computer operations.
In running a hospital's computer operations," said Walls, "you can't argue that 'it won't happen here' because if it does, you have to be more than prepared.
Because ImageRight is focused on the insurance industry and understands our processes, we hit the ground running," said Eric Watt, Computer Operations Manager.
This sourcebook is an essential reference for disaster recovery managers, business continuity managers, facility managers, computer operations, risk managers, security, emergency personnel, librarians, record managers, systems executives, business recovery coordinators, claims adjustors, insurance agents or anyone responsible for getting their organization "back to normal" after a crisis.
Mike Geldart, senior manager of computer operations, at Lexington, Mass.
These services include data preparation, data entry, data analysis, computer operations and associated tasks to maintain the operations and enhancements of critical systems.
He has extensive experience with computer and information systems including computer operations, networks, information security, enterprise architecture design and implementations, and e-commerce security.
Financial Services' mainframe and midrange computer operations, providing ING with costs savings that will be reinvested in new and improved business applications.

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