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is a leading national distributor of computer peripherals and consumer electronics' products with retail customers coast-to-coast.
Repair and maintenance services of personal computers Maintenance and repair of computer peripherals Services related to software
The company offers cutting edge technological products such as computer peripherals, measurement devices and communication recording products.
China's computer peripherals industry has developed rapidly in the recent years.
Product/Service/Works Keywords: Computer,laptop,survillance system and computer peripherals.
Within ZiLOG's extensive product families are devices focused toward consumer electronics, home appliances, sensors, HVAC, security, point-of-sale, computer peripherals, Infared (IR) remotes, and industrial and automotive markets worldwide.
one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer peripherals and electronic components, will use Jaalaa's KillerBee XR System-on-Chip in Mitsumi's new WML-C41 wireless networking system.
a top-tier manufacturer of high-quality computer peripherals and interface products and the sales leader in Japan's large and fast growing market for video-related PC boards, has chosen the ViXS XCode II silicon video processor as the basis for its GV-MVP/GX single channel TV tuner card.

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