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Because of legislation signed by Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania already allows computer science classes to count for graduation.
The NDSU Computer Science Department was founded in 1988 (though computer science courses were offered as part of Mathematical Sciences since 1973).
alternative certifications for teachers to address the shortage of computer science instructors, such as a three-year provisional teaching license for experienced computer science professionals
You don't need super advanced hardware to teach computer science.
In the short to medium term, these initiatives have a good chance of getting many more students, particularly female students, into computer science.
CS4Qatar for Women's achieved its purpose, which is to encourage Qatari women to consider computer science.
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.
Wall Street brokerages sprang to Computer Sciences Corp's defense yesterday with bullish earnings projections after an adverse brokers report on Tuesday sent shares in the number-four computer services firm into a 12% tailspin.
Beginning in 1991, evaluations of programs whose titles contain both engineering and computer science must be done by both EAC/ABET and CSAC/CSAB, and such programs will only be accredited upon positive accreditation action by both agencies.
Alan John Hu mixed mathematics with computer science and came up with the winning combination in the 44th annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search this week.
Initial TAB members include Raul Camposano, who previously served as chief technology officer and senior vice president at Synopsys; Jason Cong, professor and chairman of the Computer Science Department of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and a co-director of the VLSI CAD Laboratory; and Jim Hogan, a private venture capital investor who has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than three decades.
KPMG announced today that it has joined the Industrial Affiliates Program with UCLAs Computer Science Department, becoming one of the biggest professional services firms to join the program.

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