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The reader should be aware of which operating system software is being used on your computer system and should ensure that the latest service releases are installed.
I continue to be concerned regarding the possibility that the entire county computer system could be compromised or corrupted,'' Byrnes wrote.
This means that it is very common to find out that more than one hacker has broken into a particular computer or computer system.
Smaller firms may need to submit paper forms because they can not afford the investment in computer system hardware and software that EDI requires.
During the past few years, financial pressures caused the City to cut-back personnel, reducing the number of knowledgeable people capable of understanding this old Department of Finance computer system.
Tell your employees that their feelings about a computer system will have an effect on whether or not you proceed with implementation, and how the system will be organized.
If a person has access to a current account on a university computer system that is connected to BITNET, he/she can access the Handicap Digest directly.
The report -- one of the most comprehensive looks at security problems in nonmilitary, unclassified computer systems and networks -- paints an alarming picture of the parlous state of those systems.
Theoretically, any activity that relies on a computer system could be affected.
A robust fire wall to filter what electronic traffic gets into a company's computer system is helpful, but it can be a Maginot Line approach to security - the real weaknesses are elsewhere.
In such cases, suspects will be hard-pressed to deny the evidence, as well as to explain why they needed to access the computer system at times when no one could witness their actions.

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