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The primary reason for this is that in computer virus cases the economic expectations of the parties are covered by commercial and contract law--it does or does not work as promised.
There may be no better way to avoid becoming a victim of a computer virus.
In addition, Northern Light's Live Query(TM) feature allows users to search for the latest news and research on computer virus detection and avoidance from the search engine's real-time news sources and database of over 315 million Web pages and over 50 million pages of business information not generally available on the Web.
You can double check virus alerts at the Computer Virus Myths Page at http://kumite.
Additionally, many private computer consultants have warned users of various government computer networks, including those with national security functions, to be on the alert for such computer virus attacks.
The NPA cyber force unit monitors computer viruses around the clock on 57 computer terminals at police headquarters nationwide and has been publishing updates once a month on computer virus attacks.
A computer virus is defined as a computer program copied to or installed on a computer, computer network, computer program, computer software or computer system without the informed consent of the owner that may replicate itself and that causes unauthorized activities within or by the computer.
Computer virus makers often reuse key parts of existing viruses in their new creations, White explains.
Local companies were left relatively unscathed Monday by a computer virus that specialists said was potentially more damaging than last month's Melissa virus.
A computer virus functions like a biological virus, affecting a computer's underlying operating code, with results ranging from minor ailments to complete hard drive disasters.
JUST AFTER 9:00 PM ON WEDNESDAY, November 2, 1988, a 23-year-old Harvard computer science graduate introduced a computer virus program into a national computer network that connected computers in military facilities, universities, and research centers across the nation.
Anti-virus computer software companies are urging caution over a computer virus that purports to send information related to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) via e-mail.

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