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So how could a customer hold your business liable for unknowingly transferring a computer virus to them?
A computer virus, like the common cold, is highly contagious.
A computer virus is very similar to a biological virus.
Most people forget how dependent individuals and businesses are on technology and how vulnerable they are because of that dependence--that is, until they are attacked by a computer virus and have to watch helplessly as the virus takes over their computers, networks, and perhaps their entire computing infrastructure.
All messages chat claim you can get a computer virus by merely reading a plain-text e-mail are hoaxes.
Computer Virus Handbook also includes details on the design and performance of 20 products included in the evaluations.
Kids probably assume that whatever punishment they will receive from their parents will be far less unpleasant than either getting a computer virus or getting in trouble with the law," said Dr.
In this dramatic vignette, a mysterious hacker launches a brand new computer virus over the Internet.
A computer virus released in March aptly demonstrated the need for more-effective ways of fighting off computer viruses.
Local companies were left relatively unscathed Monday by a computer virus that specialists said was potentially more damaging than last month's Melissa virus.
A computer virus functions like a biological virus, affecting a computer's underlying operating code, with results ranging from minor ailments to complete hard drive disasters.

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