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Certified knowledgeable mechanics in place, clean operation, computerized records, JIT inv.
Faisalabad -- As the Electricity transformer caught fire due to short circuit, all the computerized records in Faisalabad Dry Port Trust has been burnt, officials say on Sunday.
Islamabad -- Secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs has ordered to maintain computerized records of all data.
Although applicable specifically to taxpayers with assets of $10 million or more and other taxpayers who maintain computerized records not available in hard copy, the guidance generally addresses businesses.
The regulation stipulates how companies create, validate, store, access and change computerized records.
Controls are seen to fall within the domain of systems administrators, and computerized records are generally omitted from the existing recordkeeping regime.
By using new technological devices to disassemble millions of computerized records, Chicago Tribune project reporter Mike Berens unearthed patterns of fatal nursing errors and transformed statistics into investigative stories.
No matter what method they use to take reports, agencies should use computerized records management systems to help link incidents and solve additional cases.
A specialized technical staff has been trained to establish a clearinghouse of cryogenic information, acquire hard copies of documents, store computerized records of bibliographic data for retrieval and update the record base continuously.
Children hospitalized for rotavirus gastroenteritis were sought retrospectively through searching both the computerized records of microbiology laboratory and hospital medical records for the diagnoses 558.
Computerized records are more legible than handwritten notes; they're easier to retrieve, and they help doctors remember to carry out a variety of useful tasks, including warning patients about harmful drug interactions.
As in the past, the CAS and the taxpayer will work in a bilateral effort to identify the computerized records to be retained.

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