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Table 7: Global Cloud Computing Market (2010): Percentage
Beyond the acceleration of large-scale computing tasks, grid computing allows for the dynamic assignment of workloads to the most efficient resources for the job, so a large number of tasks run more effectively.
Computer Science (CS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) graduates are no exception to the high expectations by their prospective employers about their computing knowledge and skills on graduation and entry into the job market (Lee 2003; Wagner, Shoop and Carlis 2003; Hill, et.
Not since the advent of such innovative developments as extensible markup language and application service providers has the technology world been as abuzz with speculation as it is about utility computing.
In the area of information technology, however, that may be about to change, thanks to a new concept dubbed utility computing, or "e-sourcing.
Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) further extends its resources to technical computing customers with the announcement of Sun Grid Engine 5.
Fully integrated, off-the-shelf ATCA systems from Continuous Computing deliver a number of business advantages including lower development costs, reduced technical and commercial risks, and deployment time savings of up to 18 months - a substantial decrease.
With origins in the DARPA Strategic Computing program of the mid-1980s, Beowulf-class cluster computing has evolved as the dominant approach for developing high performance computing systems.
To some observers, utility computing, also known as on-demand computing, is not that far removed from the days of mainframe time-sharing.
Continuous Computing has been supplying cPCI system solutions to Tier 1, 2, and 3 telecom equipment manufacturers such as Alcatel and Cisco since 1998.
Computing vendors--and end-users--would like to make these sprawling networks a whole lot easier to run.
By integrating "NGN-Ready" Trillium products from Continuous Computing, companies such as Mavenir can deliver multimedia capabilities across networks and access devices efficiently and economically, as well as with full mobility, authentication, and service assurance.

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