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When these words were overheard by the sharp-eared comrade and repeated to the Simpleton, he was in despair.
When the long comrade had made these preparations, he looked towards Mr Tappertit; and Mr Tappertit, flourishing the bone, knocked nine times therewith upon one of the skulls.
But this being a delicate affair, Comrade Ossipon behaved with delicacy.
As my comrade advanced, this person came forward and proved to be no stranger.
He turned to his trusty comrade Alcimedon and said, "Alcimedon, keep your horses so close up that I may feel their breath upon my back; I doubt that we shall not stay Hector son of Priam till he has killed us and mounted behind the horses; he will then either spread panic among the ranks of the Achaeans, or himself be killed among the foremost.
He had not thought of leaving--he had thought that the vision must last forever, that he had found comrades and brothers.
Men and women disappeared, our nearest and dearest comrades.
But here came the conditional clause, and to this he entreated the special attention of his comrade, brother, and partner.
Not to go into the things that Compeyson planned, and I done - which 'ud take a week - I'll simply say to you, dear boy, and Pip's comrade, that that man got me into such nets as made me his black slave.
Once a man fell down, and as he reached for his rifle a comrade, unseeing, trod upon his hand.
Certain dark doubts and surmises were afterwards circulated concerning the fate of that poor fellow, which, if true, showed to what a desperate state of famine his comrades had been reduced.
And he shut up any of his thoughtless comrades who attempted to allude to his connection.