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Hutchinson's engagement with gender and sexuality place her other couples unambiguously outside the lines of the American Scene and the comradely ideal.
And being in a tolerant and comradely mood (see above) they welcomed him into their ranks.
The pits in the final line, running north and south through Selby, Nottingham and Melton Mowbray, bore absolutely no relationship to the crowded, rough, comradely life of the old western pits.
IN the rough and tumble world of politics, there's always one group that remain friendly, jolly and comradely, and that's the tree-hugging, muesli-knitting Liberal Democrats.
As the Notre Dame host, Professor Gillespie dida wonderful job of providing a warm and scientific atmosphere in which open expression and comradely competition spurred intense discussion that continued each day over dinner and late into the evening.
There's nothing like the successful resuscitation of a child to push comradely endorphin levels up too.
Their comradely affection for Mr Simonyi, the chief architect of such programs as Microsoft Word and Excel, was no doubt enhanced by the contents of an aluminium hamper, packed by Ms Stewart, that he had brought with him for Russia's annual celebration of Cosmonaut's Day, which marks the anniversary Yuri Gargarin's first journey into space in 1961.
In place of the imperious, hotheaded, and hard-to-control male sexuality of the previous century," Luker writes, "the social hygienists proposed a tender, intimate, comradely, and feminized sexuality modeled on existing notions of how women experienced their own sexual drives.
Aiken "goes to some pains to make Whitman's comradely love safe for the troops.
The cycle is that we in the alliance get very close six months before the elections and we campaign very vigorously together, at which time the mood is very comradely," he says.
If only Red Army officers weren't so keen on taking them down or treated her to better-quality drawers, her comradely duty might be easier to bear, pain and inconvenience aside, for they would be after her at all hours, poor lads
Newcastle party chairman, Nick Forbes, who is also a city councillor and a colleague of Coun O'Brien in Moorside ward, was forced to step in and remind him that meetings should be conducted in a comradely manner.