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By the opening of the second half, playful comradery had been replaced by suspicion and confusion due to relentless sarcasm from Gordon, played wholeheartedly by Gareth Bale, directed at Roy, played by Peter Brad-Leigh of BBC sitcom Dinnerladies.
The goal is to build a sense of comradery and respect among students.
What was particularly annoying was the fact not one mention was made of the peaceful comradery which had been shown between rival fans of the Rugby League fraternity.
He described the vessel as a "fine ship" and wrote of his delight at the comradery between his bandmates.
With people camping out everywhere and bonfires every night, there was an excitement in the air when the sun went down and a genuine spirit of comradery was continuously felt after-hours.
it is nice to see that the ANNA members enjoy the comradery and social aspect of their conference as much as our CANNT members
Said said that that there's a sense of solidarity and comradery among all the people in Tahrir Square.
But at the same time, more recent generations of historians have set out to revise these long-standing histories and engage in 'mythbusting' the romantic notion of the 1926 strike and the enduring comradery of Britain's mining communities.
Rod Holmes, chairman of The Mersey Partnership, also attended and spoke of his pride in Liverpool's continued transatlantic comradery.
The strength of these two books is how they tell the unpolished story of being an Eighth Air Force crewman: living in the always-cold huts, the special comradery shared by crewmen, the terror of seeing other squadron aircraft being shot down with no survivors, the horror of seeing aircraft collide on training missions, and the final joy of returning home after VE Day.
Fear, Stress, and Coping in the Civil War" discusses the role fear played, including the impact such factors as stress, sleep deprivation, physical fatigue, hunger, ideological motivation, discipline, comradery, and diversions played to ameliorate or aggravate the emotion of fear.