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Never fear,' said his fleet-footed comrade, 'I will fetch what the King wants.
In the meantime all the ship's crew were anxiously awaiting him; the King's dinner would soon be finished, and their comrade had not yet returned.
Now, however, she had not told him how great a disaster had befallen him in the death of the one who was far dearest to him of all his comrades.
The comrade is too tired to talk to any one--" he began; but the other held up his hand.
Men and women disappeared, our nearest and dearest comrades.
THE next morning the youth discovered that his tall comrade had been the fast-flying messen- ger of a mistake.
Nothing could exceed their joy on thus meeting with their old comrades, or the heartiness with which they were welcomed.
Then, the long comrade got upon the table too; and seating himself in a lower chair than Mr Tappertit's, with much state and ceremony, placed the large book on the shoulders of their mute companion as deliberately as if he had been a wooden desk, and prepared to make entries therein with a pen of corresponding size.
In fact, Comrade Ossipon had been skulking for a good two hours in the neighbourhood of Brett Street, unable to make up his mind for a bold move.
My comrade was the more enraged at this boys' play, since it had consumed so much time, every moment of which might be precious.
That something, comrade, I discovered to be a small flat oblong cash-box.
Dear boy and Pip's comrade, don't you be afeerd of me being low.