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'Never fear,' said his fleet-footed comrade, 'I will fetch what the King wants.'
Now, however, she had not told him how great a disaster had befallen him in the death of the one who was far dearest to him of all his comrades.
"The comrade is too tired to talk to any one--" he began; but the other held up his hand.
Men and women disappeared, our nearest and dearest comrades. We saw them to-day.
THE next morning the youth discovered that his tall comrade had been the fast-flying messen- ger of a mistake.
Nothing could exceed their joy on thus meeting with their old comrades, or the heartiness with which they were welcomed.
He had no sooner assumed this position, than another young gentleman appeared, bearing in his arms a huge clasped book, who made him a profound obeisance, and delivering it to the long comrade, advanced to the table, and turning his back upon it, stood there Atlas-wise.
In fact, Comrade Ossipon had been skulking for a good two hours in the neighbourhood of Brett Street, unable to make up his mind for a bold move.
My comrade was the more enraged at this boys' play, since it had consumed so much time, every moment of which might be precious.
'But comrade,' pursued Wegg, 'it was never your lot to know Miss Elizabeth, Master George, Aunt Jane, nor Uncle Parker.'
"Dear boy and Pip's comrade. I am not a-going fur to tell you my life, like a song or a story-book.
wheelbarrow next morning, Monday, after disposing of the embalmed head to a barber, for a block, I settled my own and comrade's bill; using, however, my comrade's money.