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21 December 2011 - French banking group Societe Generale (EPA:GLE) could sell one of its Russian units, Capital Credit Comradeship Bank, to local investment group Alor, daily Kommersant said today, citing Alor's supervisory board chairman Anatoly Gavrilenko.
Labour MP Peter Hain, who attended the funeral, said: "This was a service of emotion and passion, comradeship and support.
Walt Whitman's mystical ethics of comradeship; homosexuality and the marginality of friendship at the crossroads of modernity.
He said: "I have enjoyed all of my career and I will certainly miss the comradeship."
The RAFA provides help, advice, assistance, comradeship, welfare and care for the RAF family.
Robert Havlin was seen to good effect as he got the John Gosden-trained topweight Comradeship home in the 1m nursery, keeping the blinkered colt going well to hold the challenge of Calypso Star by a head.
I enjoyed holidays under canvas in some of the most incredible spots throughout the UK; I learned comradeship, and after more than 50 years still have many close friendships formed in those happy days.
The joiner's workshop in the main was used on a regular basis by senior citizens who over the years had built up a unique comradeship as they practised their skills.
SAMA's work, ably supported by Sir Galahad survivor Simon Weston, is a lasting tribute to the comradeship of the men who fought for Queen and country in the Falklands.
The outcome usually being to acquire a sense of comradeship as part of a successful group/team which prevails despite the circumstances which they face.
Finally, had it not been for the comradeship and support of my fellow ENs also doing the degree, the transition to RN would have been a lot more difficult.
Helena said, "Coming from a family rich in military background, I am passionate about leadership and comradeship, both of which I experienced in ROTC leadership training and research tear; building.