con game

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In Huckleberry Finn the king and the duke learn of a substantial inheritance in England, and in a classic con game pretend to be the two designated heirs in order to claim the money.
El mundo mametiano gira en torno a los con games [10], los arrabales de la urbe, lo que esta mas alla de las burbujas de la clase alta y media, y la miseria coronada en los Olimpos de la nueva Era.
This is the same government that paid off Henco, which was knowingly involved in the con game.
Perhaps the discussion should consider the logic of a funding system that encourages state governments, CMS, and the long-term care industry to finance operations based on what looks a great deal like an illegal con game.
Earlier this week in Huddersfield two tricksters ratcheted up the traditional con game of fleece the pensioner to a sickening new level.
It's synonymous with the courage that you derive from not running a con game on the unique character and specific temper of your own mind.
Legend has it that he was cheating at cards when a bullet to the abdomen swiftly ended his con game.
The Discovery Institute is pulling a bait-and-switch con game with the Texas State Board of Education, the press and citizens," Steven Schafersman, president of Texas Citizens for Science, told Church & State.
Without spoiling Ozon's con game, let's just say that reality and fantasy blur (there's a steamy interlude with Sagnier and a humpy waiter), leading to a near--menage a trois and, finally, to a murder.
And virtually every successful modern presidential candidate, from FDR to Kennedy to Reagan to Clinton to even the current occupant--"compassionate conservatism" was a con game, but it was an optimistic one in that it led voters to believe that Bush's GOP would divest itself of its Gingrichesque malevolence--has won on the basis of this kind of optimism.
making the distinction between a business opportunity and a con game may come down to asking the right questions.
Con Game is not a triumph of `investigative journalism'.