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I encourage anyone who comes in contact with someone they suspect of being a travelling con man to contact the Consumers Affairs national hotline on 1300 133 408 immediately, Mr O Brien said.
When the movie came out, I wrote about my experience with the con man in the New York Observer, The female editor at the time was a ghastly left-winger who had already made my life miserable at Esquire, where I used to be a regular columnist.
The Oscar-winning actor invests the con man with various subtle mannerisms, twitches and eccentricities, but never makes fun of Roy's afflictions.
Burns doesn't have the necessary charisma to convince as a master con man.
This dishonest, ultimate con man has attempted to spin a web of lies and deceit in his arrogant belief that he had the ability to con the police and jury into believing that someone else murdered his wife.
Neither Tess nor Fannie knows that Johnny is sleeping with the other, nor do they realize that the horse-betting con man is playing them both for their money.
Jannat (2008): Raja Natwarlal will see Hashmi play a con man again.
Butz had, after all, already won every conceivable award in the theater world for his turn as con man Freddy Benson and could have extended his stay on Broadway -- where ``Scoundrels'' is still playing.
Detecting especially mentions solid advice for discerning whether a person will be a compatible and trustworthy mate (hint: if he won't give you verifiable details about his address, phone number, family, or job he's probably a con man or worse) but also applies to sifting through lies, manipulative dogma, and half-truths in every aspect of life.
Sarah Smith said she had been studying for her finals when she met the alleged con man and was beguiled with tales of undercover subterfuge and IRA killings.
Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) is a seasoned con man with dreams of owning his own beach side bar.
Fourteen-year-old Jack Morgan is an orphan, raised by his Uncle Virgil to be a smuggler and con man.