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said the con man told him that he would send money to his bank account in Abu Dhabi, so he could pay the shipping company that would repatriate the body of the man's mother.
Consumer Affairs Victoria also recently assisted the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading to intercept an alleged travelling con man at Melbourne Airport.
In that legal thriller, he drew on his extensive knowledge of the con man as well as on his decades of business experience.
A con man steals from you all you have: A con man steals from you your soul.
Roy (Nicolas Cage) is a most unlikely con man - an obsessive, chain-smoking agoraphobe with various nervous tics.
Jake Vig (Burns) is a master con man who knows every trick in the book.
A MAN described by police as the ultimate con man was last night starting a life sentence for murdering his wife.
You're a con man, a bullshit artist, and a money-grubbing sellout.
It doesn't matter what the product is," Healy once heard a con man testify.
But no one likes a con man who doesn't know what we think we want.
A 1988 Miami Herald newspaper article had portrayed a John Guggenheim (his actual name) as a skillful, fast-talking, flamboyant con man who reportedly had bolted from that city with $600,000 borrowed and bilked from artists and arts organizations.
Conned" is more than just sweet revenge for victims of Internet fraud, it's a laugh-out-loud joy ride proves all it takes to con a con man is a computer and a twisted sense of humor.