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Louise Redknapp fell hook, line and sinker for the con trick that domestic goddess breeds domestic goodness.
SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said: "While they are splashing the cash promoting their own con trick, they're not lifting a finger to promote the true Living Wage.
The GMB union said there could be serious consequences which could affect an agreement on public sector pensions, while the National Pensioners' Convention described the White Paper as little more than a con trick for future generations, by offering them less than they get now, asking them to pay more and work longer before they can get it back.
However it now comes to light that it was a con trick - they intend to change the system how pensions are worked out; changing it from the average retail prices index (RPI) to the consumer price index (CPI) which will rob the pensioners of pounds 6bn each year and this wipe out the generous pounds 5 Mr Osbourne promised in his budget.
I'M glad Liverpool city council has seen through the Con Dems con trick about this "Big Society".
A check on the internet shows that this particular con trick is also widespread in Australia and America.
I hope I am not being taken in by a con trick when I support the Nobel Prize awarded to former US vice-president Al Gore for his fight against global warming.
Then I read an article on Sunday last: "Exposed: the great recycling con trick.
What is equally disturbing is that Michael Caldon was a known bankrupt but still able to pull this con trick and run up further debts of many thousands of pounds.
A con trick in which even the highest members of the Jockey Club are quite happy to participate-have a look at how some of their horses are run-and a con trick in which, even more insanely, the worst victims themselves, the punters, accept with every evidence of glee.
The woman who wed a building worker she bumped into in the street, stayed with him for four or five boozy weeks and then dumped him now believes that marriage is a con trick perpetrated by males to save them from crime.
The Conservative offer of a referendum is a meaningless sham, a typical con trick.