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RQ: How balanced or symmetrical are belief, attitude, and the conation for relationship building toward the host country between Korean and Chinese exchange students?
The execution of any given action implies some sort of integration of cognition, affect and conation. It follows that meaning and experience are part of the very process of acting.
Hilgard, "The trilogy of mind: cognition, affection, and conation," Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, vol.
The trilogy of mind: Cognition, affections, and conation. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 16, 107-117.
Character strengths are viewed as capacities of cognition, conation, affect, and behavior-the psychological ingredients for displaying virtues or human goodness.
This can be perceived as conation: a conscious and purposeful self-determined act aimed at achieving a goal (Gerdes & Stromwall, 2008).
Moreover, since the EAO contains cognitive, affective (i.e., feelings and emotions), and conation components, it can be used to examine the relative impact of cognitive and emotional influences on entrepreneurial actions.
Their conation, on the one hand, caters for and is fueled by the rationalist idea of limitless progress and development but, on the other hand, always contains some transcendental, spiritual momentum essential to elevate it to perpetuity.
Values can be felt independent of a conation. "Scheler believes that phenomenological reflection on the value-phenomena that manifest themselves in our self-awareness and in the world we inhabit will enable us to perfect our knowledge of the a priori material content of values, their "order of foundation" and their essential relationships with each other and with the perceptive and feeling-functions in which they are given." (2)
Some educational researchers have devoted their attention to revealing how affectivity and conation influence learning.