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K-B have no compunctions, it seems, in using "concatenate coordination" as a useful norm with which to elicit "smiles" from a fictitious mind representing society as an organism--regardless of the frowns which many members of society may display at any particular pattern chosen for its concatenate coordinative properties.
It is true, as K-B demonstrate textually, that economists have long used the word coordination in the sense of concatenate coordination, but it is also true that the more narrow Kirznerian use has its own history and partisans.
MCS uses a matrix concatenate block for concatenation.
Yet Klein makes the opposite move, and casts Hayekian coordination into his (newly renamed) box of concatenate coordination:
You could also concatenate the ZIP code zero directly in the report.
Then, using Excel's concatenate function and the following formula, we can link the two pieces of information and display them in cell C2, which is hyperlinked to the flowchart: =A2&", "&B2.
Each recursive instance of recursively_expand( ) concatenates another substring onto generated_prefix until the end of the input specification is encountered, at which point recursively_expand( ) invokes string_is_an_expansion( ) to concatenate generated_prefix onto character_pool; recursively_expand( ) should include a one-line test for buffer overflow.
Indeed he claims that the K-B concept of concatenate coordination cannot be interpreted in anything but a normative sense and protests that he himself has never placed "heavy doctrinal weight on the normative coordination concept itself (Kirzner, 2010, p.
When complete, if possible (subject to availability of processors), sort the two sublists in parallel, and finally, when this is complete, concatenate the two lists.