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The original feature map also will be concatenated with them.
Multiple alignments of 12 concatenated heavy-strand encoded gene sequences were concatenated to conduct phylogenetic analysis by NJ method.
In this paper, we have analysed the error performance of LDPC codes concatenated with ADSTBC system.
This sequence which is an outcome of chaotic key will give locations for embedding the concatenated watermark in RONI:
As a result, the only remaining design freedom for the concatenated cubic Bezier curve is to design [p.sub.1], [p.sub.6] in the horizontal x-direction.
These five histograms are concatenated and the concatenated matrix is a feature vector of size 256 x 5.
'Unveiling turbo codes: Some results on parallel concatenated coding schemes', IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 42: 409-428.
ales and two Limaria sp., were aligned with the Genbank sequences to create a concatenated dataset.
(2) The LA structure is inferred using concatenated random forests (CRFs) in an autocontext scheme [38, 41].
Thus, if it is possible to use block-design paradigms to collect the data and then estimate the task-state FC based on the concatenated task data from multiple task blocks, both activation analysis and FC analysis could be done based on the same block-design session, which would reduce the data collection time and simplify the procedures.
shared, class specific and concatenated. In shared framework, a common dictionary was saved once, and used for all k classes having some common features.
To address this problem, different techniques have been proposed in the literature to analyze the iterative decoding of concatenated codes [5] [6] [7].