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Unveiling turbo codes: Some results on parallel concatenated coding schemes', IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 42: 409-428.
The concatenated data set of the mtDNA and nDNA genes contained 23 haplotypes with 751 informative sites.
Recall that, by doing so, it is originally extracting all possible subsequences of length L = 32 from the concatenated chromosomal sequence.
Unlike the systems based on HLDA with input features concatenated over successive frames, all systems based on HLDA with features which include derivatives show an improvement compared to the corresponding systems based on LDA (see Fig.
Image Encryption Based on the Concatenated Torus Automorphisms
Although most proteins showed the same clustering as observed for that of the concatenated conserved ORFs (Figure 1) for several proteins, the Georgia isolate sequence clustered differently.
Concatenation Two separate FSAs can be concatenated into a new FSA.
Abstract For any positive integer n, the famous Smarandache concatenated square sequence {a(n)} is defined as the positive integer a(n) = [1.
After some embryonic regional efforts to promote such a week, the International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo assumed the responsibility for the week's promotion and sponsored a first official national week.
Resolutions can be set to 1/10/100 Mbps or 10/100 kbps, adding the ability to accurately test the throughput of Gigabit Ethernet over SONET or SDH links with concatenated virtual tributaries or circuits.
In fact, individual volumes can be sliced and concatenated from multiple different heterogeneous storage devices, if desired.
The figure further shows how the AIT devices would output the data elements in a concatenated UID according to the syntax instructions.