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I use concatenation all the time in my workbooks, and these new options will enable me to use it even more often.
The work is focused on the analysis of the concatenation of different ECG parameters.
The ARROW-2xGE is PMC-Sierra's first in a line of transport oriented framers and mappers to emphasize the new virtual concatenation and generic frame protocol standards.
Contiguous concatenation can only be used between operators with SDH equipment supporting this technique.
Concerning the concatenation of parameters that point out the causes of fatigue, the non-linear dynamical systems theory (NDST) enables to reveal this phenomenon as a part of dynamic system processes.
Visually, the work as a whole is a concatenation of inconsequential and mostly unpeopled incidents with a very British, or Irish, emphasis on the vagaries of the weather: a lone tree rustling in the wind, rain bouncing off a sidewalk, reflections in a rippling expanse of water, a close-up of a light pulsing on and off, a scattering of distant lights blinking across a bay at night.
Closer to, Blackwood separates as a concatenation of tiny buildings, cubic pavilions of Pompeian render, cedar sheeting and terne-coated steel.
But outside of these relationships (and the predictable choices that are sometimes the result), the organizers repeatedly behaved like kids in the candy store of recent art history, throwing diverse goodies together into single bags--particularly at La Sucriere, the converted sugar factory whose concatenation of works by thirty-eight artists is the biennale's hub.
Yet in the face of an increasingly perilous concatenation of extremist thinking worldwide, Virilio in recent years has had no compunction about characterizing technology as a "fundamentalism.
The challenge thus posed by the decision to site so many of them within the Whitechapel's cavernous ground floor gallery was how to prevent this concatenation of ostensible backdrops for speculative activity from becoming a mere display of sculptural objects.