concealed knowledge

See: secret
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In this risk-infested society, we can hardly tolerate the further exposure to danger that would result from a concealed knowledge of the therapist that his patient was lethal" (Tarasoff v.
You will be liable to pay the contribution, but you might wish to contact your conveyancer to see exactly what information was given to you at the time of your purchase and if there might be any remedy against the previous owner if he concealed knowledge of substantial increased expenditure.
s largest verdicts resulting in a $9 billion punitive-damage award being handed down over allegations that the drug company concealed knowledge of Actos bladder cancer risks.
The test was 83 percent accurate in predicting concealed knowledge, suggesting that our complex protocol could identify future terrorist activity," said Rosenfeld.
The lawsuits on behalf of the 14 Brazilian states and cities allege that the tobacco companies deliberately concealed knowledge of the dangers of smoking and the addictive nature of nicotine contained in tobacco products, and seek reimbursements of the funds expended on behalf of those injured by and addicted to the tobacco products.
The lawsuit alleges the industry concealed knowledge that nicotine is addictive and that tobacco use is deadly.
The fact that she lied and concealed knowledge that the girls were ever inside the house was not necessarily evidence she knew or believed Huntley had killed them, he said.
If the suspect shows a consistent pattern of differential responding to the correct alternative, one can reasonably assume that he or she has concealed knowledge about that crime, Dr.