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CONCESSION. A grant. This word is frequently used in this sense when applied to grants made by the French and Spanish governments in Louisiana.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'I'd like to concede and congratulate all those who won the elections.
Up until the December fixture against Burnley, in which Gomez suffered his injury, the Reds had conceded just six goals, despite being expected to concede 12.7 based on shots from the opposing team.
Turin: Veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini has urged Juventus to recover their defensive solidity as he vowed not to concede a goal in their crucial match against Serie A leaders Napoli away on Friday.
"With a team like this you are always taking risks and if you make a mistake you concede a goal," he added.
We didn't score, but we can't concede a counter-attack like this.
While Justice Scalia does not concede that we have executed an innocent person, he does acknowledge the risk of that happening, albeit one that is so small that it's barely there.
Under the new guidelines the IRS will not settle unless taxpayers concede (agree to the disallowance of) 100% of the claimed losses or deductions, reduced only by the amount of transaction costs up to 10% of such claimed losses or deductions.
As explained in TEI's Comments Foster Taxpayer Victories in Pennsylvania, there were positive indications that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had decided to concede two cases involving the issue of when deferred compensation becomes subject to the Commonwealth's personal income tax.
It is reasonable not to concede adjustments until adequate substantiation is received and the items in question are verified.