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I've never any pity for conceited people, because I think they carry their comfort about with them."
"But suppose, Maggie,--suppose it was a man who was not conceited, who felt he had nothing to be conceited about; who had been marked from childhood for a peculiar kind of suffering, and to whom you were the day-star of his life; who loved you, worshipped you, so entirely that he felt it happiness enough for him if you would let him see you at rare moments "
He never even gave me a meal of green food or a bran mash, which would have cooled me, for he was altogether as ignorant as he was conceited; and then, instead of exercise or change of food, I had to take horse balls and draughts; which, beside the nuisance of having them poured down my throat, used to make me feel ill and uncomfortable.
But he had fancied her in love with him; that evidently must have been his dependence; and after raving a little about the seeming incongruity of gentle manners and a conceited head, Emma was obliged in common honesty to stop and admit that her own behaviour to him had been so complaisant and obliging, so full of courtesy and attention, as (supposing her real motive unperceived) might warrant a man of ordinary observation and delicacy, like Mr.
He claimed Pakatan Harapan (PH) has grown conceited in Penang after winning its third term.
Oakland, CA, July 31, 2016 --( Women's couture clothing designer Lashan Goodwin is preparing to showcase her Spring/ Summer 2017 collection of evening gowns and swimwear from her Very Conceited line.
He reportedly felt insulted by the photo, which apparently portrayed Shams as "self-centered and conceited." But was blocking her really necessary?
Not my words - Zachary Gordon is the conceited teller of these schoolhall tall-tales.
In the wake of the host nation's embarrassing 7-1 World Cup semi-final defeat by Germany, Wagner Ribeiro called Scolari: "An old jerk, repulsive and conceited".