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WHILE NO WINNERS DARED GIBBER conceitedly of themselves (Author's note: "Heel, James Cameron
1999; Duman, & Koc, 2004) show that an ideal teacher needs to be someone who is impartial, respectful to all views, does not discriminate between students, treats girls and boys equally, does not look down on or humiliate students, encourages students to ask questions, is easy-going, good-humoured, relaxed, calm and modest, does not put pressure on students, reliable, peaceful, optimistic, tolerant towards students, affectionate, respects students, does not insult or act conceitedly, objective in evaluating and doesnot threaten students with grades.
She conceitedly dangled few carrots to make them do more.
In other words it should be channelled more conceitedly toward physical investment to prevent it from leading to too much speculative activity in the real estate and stock markets.
He conceitedly attributes his trustworthy appearance to an innate sense of style that avoids the sartorial excesses of the "nouveau riche" (46), yet it is his white skin that proves to be his most valuable accessory.
In the first two parts of the novella (5-45), which are parallel to the first two days of the narration, Clamence conceitedly presents the story of his professional success as a highly esteemed Parisian lawyer.