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Hence the necessity that Hesperus is Phosphorus is not conceptual necessity, nor is it directly related to conceivability.
Given the unpredictability of the judicial decision on the plausibility of the allegations, reasonable advocates are filing and will continue to file far more motions to dismiss than were filed under the conceivability standard set out in Conley.
So, the transcendental-modal argument functions as the inner core of a stronger argument in favour of an ultimate foundation that has solved (i) the problem of a criterion for, a self-justification of and a self-reconstruction of modal predicate logic S5, (ii) the problem of the epistemic impregnation of conceivability, and finally (iii) the problem of beginning.
Culture's history, calls into question the conceivability or conceptualization of the 'difference' before which the culture concept has been appropriated, as a descriptor, in the recent promotion of dialogical negotiation of 'cultural difference'.
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When one state is found to be successful, their methods should be shared and reviewed for conceivability in other states.
The most that can be deduced from a poem like the Iliad, one should think, is something about the conceivability of human action and subjective identity within a certain genre or tradition of narrative (epic), one that evolved over centuries and became textually fixed at some unknown point in time.
McLaughlin's paper is a response to Horgan and Tienson, while Melnyck's paper, the final one in the volume, is a critical discussion of the conceivability argument as it appears in the work of David Chalmers.
See also supra note 265 (discussing the conceivability of natural law).
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The second conclusion is that the conceivability of events was made tolerable by the idea that Sequoyah was part white.