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Now, Aeolus has six daughters and six lusty sons, so he made the sons marry the daughters, and they all live with their dear father and mother, feasting and enjoying every conceivable kind of luxury.
Next day the old man came to see his son, and sat with him, as usual, for about an hour; after which he visited ourselves, wearing on his face the most comical, the most mysterious expression conceivable.
D'Artagnan, whose mind was never more fertile in resources than in critical emergencies, swore again that he would try all conceivable means to prevent the denouement of the bloody tragedy.
There were masters, too, I have known, whose very art consisted in avoiding every conceivable situation.
his eager rapid thought had flown through all the causes conceivable to him, and had at last alighted on half the true one.
Delicate morsels of beef and pork, cut on scientific principles from every part of the animal, and of all conceivable shapes and sizes, are carefully packed in salt, and stored away in barrels; affording a never-ending variety in their different degrees of toughness, and in the peculiarities of their saline properties.
If she was touched by the way he spoke, the thing was conceivable.
Without warning, for no conceivable motive, in his youth and at the threshold of his career he had chosen to disappear from the world-which is to say, the little Indian station where he lived.
But he said nothing and went out, or rather lounged out with his worldly manner of perfect ease under all conceivable circumstances.
The guide-rope remedies the difficulty in the simplest manner conceivable.
Nonetheless I scrutinized every article of furniture, every conceivable cover for a hoard, and noticed that there were half a dozen things with drawers, and in particular a tall old secretary, with brass ornaments of the style of the Empire--a receptacle somewhat rickety but still capable of keeping a great many secrets.
It worried, it finally quite broke him up, for it proved, of all the conceivable impressions, the one least suited to his book.