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Could ye CONCEIVE a God?--But let this mean Will to Truth unto you, that everything be transformed into the humanly conceivable, the humanly visible, the humanly sensible!
Conceivable the collection was arranged in the Alexandrine period.
In considering the Origin of Species, it is quite conceivable that a naturalist, reflecting on the mutual affinities of organic beings, on their embryological relations, their geographical distribution, geological succession, and other such facts, might come to the conclusion that each species had not been independently created, but had descended, like varieties, from other species.
Crisparkle, not to him: 'It is so.' After a short pause, she answered the slightest look of inquiry conceivable, in her brother's eyes, with as slight an affirmative bend of her own head; and he went on:
You know with whom forgiveness lies, as the highest attribute conceivable. Miss Helena, you and your brother are twin children.
Is it conceivable that I should allow myself to be trifled with in this way?
You leave your good father, my dear, in hands as earnest and as loving as your own; he shall be taken every conceivable care of; during the next fortnight, while you are in Warwickshire and thereabouts, even Tellson's shall go to the wall (comparatively speaking) before him.
He could not picture May Welland, in whatever conceivable emergency, hawking about her private difficulties and lavishing her confidences on strange men; and she had never seemed to him finer or fairer than in the week that followed.
It was not a trot, a gallop, or a canter, but a stampede, and made up of all possible or conceivable gaits.
For mankind appears to have wreaked such terrible irreversible damage In every conceivable way Would so many creatures have been driven to extinction If mankind had not been here?
"It's conceivable that we will need Eric Dier at some point in the tournament, so why not give him a run out.
Since trephination was practiced for a number of reasons (including allowing egress of bad spirits in cases of illness and head injury), it is conceivable that the trephination was made directly over a depressed skull fracture.