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Eugene employees would conceivably face the same prospect of personal bankruptcy in the event of a major health problem as city councilors possibly, potentially, conceivably might maybe face for passing an entirely, from one point of view, reasonable requirement for employers to provide health insurance for their workers.
Conceivably, first units will be put into general use by June.
On the other hand, if the federal government agrees to set a limit on the church's financial liability in settling claims, General Synod could conceivably continue as is, with minor adjustments, he said.
Conceivably, all could suffer the same fate as the rule-of-two program.
The software, which costs only $6500, is available as a stand-alone package for use with manual data entry, or it can conceivably be set up to utilize data collected by any of several commercial real-time process and production monitoring systems.
Based upon this data, these products could conceivably be used to substitute for the flu shot in winter or protect against other contagious viral diseases when vaccines are not readily available," he added.
We were probably facing looking at being in a building that we would conceivably outgrow within 10 years,'' said Julia Rodriguez Elliott, co-artistic director for the theater company.
Like much of Mir's work, the project's structural open-endedness evokes a spirit of friendly egalitarianism, conjuring a sprawling network of mutual interest that we all might conceivably join, either simply as viewers or by actually submitting our own suggestions to an e-mail address provided on the handout.
Says DeForest: "Studying the patterns of flares around these newer stars could conceivably help us understand more about the conditions under which life evolved on Earth.
An operator using a joystick at a distance could conceivably run underground mining-vehicles from another part of the world.
The appeals court reversed and remanded, finding that the inmate's claims could conceivably implicate Eighth Amendment concerns.
In the hands of excellent performers the play might conceivably be a blackly humorous, over-the-top actor's exercise.