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Eugene employees would conceivably face the same prospect of personal bankruptcy in the event of a major health problem as city councilors possibly, potentially, conceivably might maybe face for passing an entirely, from one point of view, reasonable requirement for employers to provide health insurance for their workers.
Conceivably, small storage devices (like notebook hard drives) will become standard for use in all devices, both portables and desktops.
Well conceivably, an important part of a lot of architects' professional lives involves keeping up with developers and knowing what's what in the realm of flogging space and buildings.
And although a managing committee could conceivably approve the amendments in June, various reviews by legal teams and Mayor Bloomberg will probably prevent the revisions from being presented to the City Council for passage "until the later part of the year," Penzi said.
There was a time when no one could conceivably care less about what was said concerning gay people.
But because it is conceivably an HSLA material, when the processing occurs, it could cause an overload situation.
The end product could conceivably be sold by the municipality as ordinary garden compost.
While the study showed that ELF-EMFs could conceivably play a biological role in carcinogenesis, cancer-promoting chemicals require a long exposure to promote cancer, and human exposures to ELF-EMFs are hard to gauge.
Conceivably, a handheld reader combined with a label printer would enable a user to scan the unique ID of new media and print a label reflecting the data.
On the other hand, if the federal government agrees to set a limit on the church's financial liability in settling claims, General Synod could conceivably continue as is, with minor adjustments, he said.
Conceivably, all could suffer the same fate as the rule-of-two program.
The software, which costs only $6500, is available as a stand-alone package for use with manual data entry, or it can conceivably be set up to utilize data collected by any of several commercial real-time process and production monitoring systems.