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prevent "idea conceivers [from] bidding token amounts on their own
Islamabad -- The 138th birth anniversary of philosopher poet and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal is being celebrated today (Monday).
LAHORE -- The 138th birth day of philosopher, poet and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal is being observed Sunday.
Ken Davenport, a conceiver and producer, says the show is intended as an homage, a satire or both, depending on your point of view.
The most interesting aspect of Keti Bander Port is that its conceivers found the port as the most feasible one all along the coast of Pakistan right from Gwadar (in Balochistan) to Thar (in Sindh).
With this launch, and the collaboration, we are truly moving from a famous jewellery retailer in Dubai to conceivers of a famous jewellery brand from Dubai," said Fakhreddin.
Modern capitalism is the dynamic, innovative engine that lifted the living standard of all participants beginning in the nineteenth century--"insti-tutions and an economic culture that potentiate conceivers of new commercial ideas, facilitate entrepreneurs to develop these new ideas, .
It destroys the sanctity and symmetry of a 12-team round-robin league and woe betide the conceivers of this idea if the club which is relegated and loses PS300,000 in funding has a grievance with the fairness of their first fixture.
Maria Voskresenskaya, one of the game's conceivers, told Reuters that the game took only two weeks to create.
The Tellegen Absorption Scale was described by its conceivers as a measure of a person's "openness to absorbing and self-altering experiences.
Rehabilitation techniques and procedures are described either by the conceivers themselves or by the Organizing Committees leading members.