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prevent "idea conceivers [from] bidding token amounts on their own
Calendar conceiver and promoter Danuta Pfeiffer said the group previously had been told it could sell calendars at next month's event, and had made arrangements to do so at the Chamber of Commerce booth.
Islamabad -- The 138th birth anniversary of philosopher poet and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal is being celebrated today (Monday).
If the first conceiver was not diligent in reducing the invention to practice, that applicant forfeits the right to the patent, and the process continues until only one applicant remains.
Intratec is the conceiver of the first free online encyclopedia of chemical technology, improvement & research economics available at base.
Felipe Tavares, CEO of Intratec and conceiver of ActionSolving, points out: "For the idea provider, ActionSolving looks like a suggestion box on the Internet open to receive ideas from everybody.