concentrate upon

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Mary has received a prestigious fellowship that will allow her to concentrate upon her dissertation, and, therefore, this is her last issue.
At the moment I am happy to be part of the Al Ain team that won the title twice in as many seasons and we still have many obligations whether in the domestic or continental levels which we have to concentrate upon before starting our celebrations.
Those who have elected in the various states, they should concentrate upon good governance in those states rather than trying do destabilizing the central government," she added.
To maximize all of these opportunities, policy has to concentrate upon the right property and infrastructure investment, and despite the cull of regional public bodies, a consensus has to be arrived at on a regional basis to deliver this.
We now just have the league to concentrate upon and with 13 games remaining it's going to be the teams that string a decent run together between now and the end of April who will get a place in the play-offs.
The series will address these interactions with an in-depth, multidisciplinary approach and the fundamental idea that "scientists, who habitually concentrate upon specific sets of phenomena, [must] deliberately widen their field of vision and cooperate across disciplines to encompass increasingly complex interactions.
But this can be something to concentrate upon, something to focus on, rather than allow the grieving process to begin.
Professor Geoffrey Till--in many ways Ranft's natural successor--has edited a tight and coherent Festschrift, which hangs together in large part because all essays concentrate upon naval thinking and writing rather than operations or technology.
The same is true of Rank, who recently sold their film distribution arm in order to concentrate upon nothing other than gaming - and poker in particular.
That is the only issue you are going to have to really concentrate upon.
28) By choosing to concentrate upon the thousands committed to prison, Shoemaker was forced to conclude that "the reformers .