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We have subfractionated by linear concentration gradient of sucrose the S-nitrosylated membrane fractions of control, nitrite- and GSNO-treated hearts, showing a marked increase in S-nitrosylation after both nitrite and GSNO treatment in proteins migrating from 45 to 50kDa.
Phase transition is accompanied by establishment of a concentration gradient of salt in the surrounding of the growing crystal.
The next section aims to show that this intuitive picture of diffusion process will be inferred together with the concentration gradient law through eqs.
Another way to alter the concentration gradient for the diffusion of oxygen is to increase the percentage of inspired oxygen.
Integrating with respect to time, fluid-dynamic theory predicts that a concentration gradient created by continuous tryptophan release would reach steady state in [approximately equal to]10 min within 300 [micro]m of an egg surface (22), (29).
Enhanced vertical plume flow reduces the error associated with assuming that convection is induced by changes in density due to temperature variation, neglecting the effect of the contaminant indirectly diffusing down concentration gradients when convection flows are slow.
By adjusting the strength and frequency of vibrations, he and his research team are able to collect data on the mixture's temperature, concentration gradient, and progress of diffusion over time.
Consequently, a concentration gradient develops between the PO2 in the mixed-venous blood and the PO2 in the alveoli.
Since the solidification front is not flat, there is a zone in which there is no mixing, and there is a concentration gradient inside this zone (Fig.
This can be especially disconcerting to students when they note that the concentration gradient of the solute, and presumably the water, is still present.
In order to understand the effects of altitude on blood oxygen levels, one must also understand oxygen entering the blood from the lungs' alveoli flows down a concentration gradient.
2]) and a concentration gradient of the interested air pollutant, cD (mole/[cm.

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