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a], since by definition an effective concentration gradient corresponds to it.
When the means of the slopes at each concentration are examined with regression analysis, a strong linear relationship is revealed between the rate of osmosis and the solute concentration gradient across the semi-permeable membrane (Figure 6).
2]O gas could then be trapped in the gas sampling probe, and an abnormally high gas concentration gradient was thus obtained.
As monomer and polymer diffuse, a concentration gradient forms.
The contaminant transport within the plume and at the wall is driven by convective buoyant flows with and lateral diffusion due to concentration gradient at the boundary of the plume with room air.
A higher capacity of column operation is established by continuously increasing concentration gradient at the interface of the adsorption zone as it passes through the column while the concentration gradient decreases with time in batch adsorption.
The results showed that there is a large concentration gradient in the room for both reactants and products.
The axial temperature gradient [partial derivative]T/[partial derivative]z and concentration gradient [partial derivative]C/[partial derivative]z are assumed to be constant say A and B respectively.
This technological scheme allowed forming condensed compositions with the molybdenum concentration gradient from 0 to 32.
Simple method for preparing a concentration gradient of serum components by freezing and thawing.
Bridges with tree-like, band-like and fibrous structures growing from the cathode to the anode can be observed independent of the concentration gradient at the cathode (Figure 1).
Congenital iodide transport deficit (ITD) is an infrequent autosomic recessive condition characterized by inability of the thyroid gland to maintain a concentration gradient of iodide between the plasma and the thyroid follicular cell, resulting in hypothyroidism, diffuse or nodular goiter, and little or no uptake of radioiodine.

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